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1. What should parents do to help their children to succeed in school? (20150412)


2. Describe an important project or assignment in your class or course, and give reasons why you think they are important. (20100508)


3. Reading part:


一个学生写倡议书说学校的business department应该为top students搞一个international business internship program

好处1: 帮学生为future career积累国外实习经验;

好处2: top students减轻经济负担。

Listening part:


理由1: Although the city is small, it has many local companies. There are employees from many countries all over the world. By getting in touch with foreign employees, students can learn different cultures from them. There is no need to travel so far. Her roommate got internship in a local company, and she learned a lot of foreign cultures and communicated with the hosting foreigners.

理由2: It is too expensive to pay the traveling fee. Business department is very small, and the funding is limited. This program can only benefit several students, but cannot support most of the students. It is not fair for other students. The school should hold other activities, such as field trip or invite guest speakers to benefit all students.


4. Reading part:




Listening part:

【教授举例】:教授举了一个例子,电视节目上AB两位政治家,正在讨论关于小镇政府是否应该投资建公园的事情。A反对花钱建公园,找出了很多小镇资金不足的信息。B支持建公园,但他不提钱的事,只是把话题(观众的注意力)从资金转移到了说建公园的好处(因为钱是大家敏感的),讲在他的童年生活中,公园给家庭提供了一个很好的相处环境(闲暇时多了一个可以去的地方)。然后大家投票给B, B赢了,小镇建了公园。这就是diversion技术。



【学生问题】:The female student has a problem that she is going to organize a concert, but the weather forecast says its going to rain.

【解决方案】:The student has two solutions:

The first one is to move inside, but it’s not as fun as free.

The second one is to postpone it to next Wednesday, and all the musicians will be here, but she’s worried students might not have time if they visit friends or have classes.


【讲课要点】:The professor talks about two ways animals store their food in winter.

1. Dry it out or remove the moisture from the food, for example, squirrels dry out mushroom on tree branches.

2. Keep the food cold, for example, beavers put tree branches underwater to keep them cold, so that they can eat fresh tree branches.



1. Students是否应该involve in extracurricular activity, 比如sports之类的。陈述你的意见并说明原因。


2. If you were making a donation, which of the following organizations will you donate to? (20150308)

1). city library;

2). animal shelter;

3). environmental protection group;


3. Reading part:


学生写信建议学校在computer lab增加sign-up sheet, 每次限用1小时。



Listening part:





4. Reading part:


backward framing事后重塑


Listening part:


Professor举例说,他们提供了coffee sample给一组愿意接受市场调查的人喝,在他们不知情的状况下加了盐和醋,喝起来味道会怪怪的。喝完coffee后,给他们看了一组广告,广告里人们坐在一起喝咖啡,很happy并且还面带微笑。因为看了广告,所有人都还是跟广告里面的人一样评价说这咖啡很棒。


5. 【学生困难】:男学生收到学校的信告诉他可能不能在5月份毕业了,原因是一个必须修的organic chemistry class他没修。他听他一个化学专业朋友的建议修了environmental chemistry, 但是不能算作必修课。



男生自己说了方案1: 换课,立马drop the environmental chemistry course and take organic chemistry course。但男生对environmental chemistry很感兴趣,不想换。而且男生担心organic chemistry course已经开课三周了,要catch up他必须学得很努力。

女生说了方案2: Write a formal request to the head of the chemistry department to replace environmental chemistry with organic chemistry。但这个申请得经过committee同意才行,审批下来可能要take a while, 怕浪费不起时间。


6. 【讲课要点】:身体免疫的2个保护stages

high mountain animal是如何在高海拔和恶劣环境主要是ice的艰苦条件下生存的。

例子一,mountain goat, 好像是strong muscle;

例子二,bighorn sheep, 好像是keep sleeping




  • 适用人群
  • 词汇量1000左右
  • 词汇量在2000-2500
  • 词汇量在3500-4000
  • 大二/大三英语程度
  • 开课时间
  • 热报中
  • 滚动开班
  • 即将开班
  • 热报中

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