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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays people are more willing to help the people they don’t know(for example, giving clothing and food to the people who need them) than people were in the past.


1. 分析题干,找到关键词,进行同义替换。

Be willing to help =  helpful/ obliging/ be prepared to help/ enthusiastic/ zealous

don’t know = strange/ unfamiliar/ alien/ unacquainted

In the past = in the old days/ previously/ before/ long time ago

Nowadays = these days/ currently/ at present day/ today/ in the contemporary society



2. 寻找论点,给出立场。



the main reason of individuals helping others currently lies in the fulfillment of spirit.


The proliferation of media and Internet provides considerable approaches for individuals to help others.


In addition, the emphasis of education on mental growth plays a crucial role in offering help to strangers.




The main reasons I am so skeptical of the inclination of today’s youth to help people is that they are spoiled.


The widespread of alienation in current world can explain this phenomenon as well.


Admittedly, it is not entirely correct to say that all young people are selfish and do not help others. The number of volunteer organizations in schools and community suggests that there are many youths who understand the importance of helping our fellow man.





Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People now can better protect the environment than they could in the past.




The environmental issues have long been treated as a significant problem for every government especially in the current world with the rapid growth of global economy and population. Some people have shown concerns that environment situation is getting deteriorated these days under poor protection by human being, while others  argue that people are capable of bettering protecting this living planet than ever. My perspective goes with the latter one considering the newly applied technology and the growing sense of sustainability.


First of all, countless technology in these days has been renovated in order to protect the environment. Accompanied with the aggravation in environment, technology innovations has been applied not only for the economic purpose, but also apparently, used for environment protection. For instance, as reported, with the help of the advanced application, scientists currently have successfully extracted the polluted sediments from the waste water by utilizing filters so as to achieve purification. In addition, the advent of biology fuels is highly likely to replace several traditional fossil fuels such as wood and oil. In this regard, the global warming issue could be largely resolved since the burning of carbon will be reduced to a certain degree, which can not be imagined in the past.


In addition, people these days gain a better sense of environmental sustainability. Admittedly, a number of businessmen in the past determined to sacrifice the environment for the development of economy. They cut down thousands of trees or their factories burned tons of fuels producing polluted gas merely for profit. However, nowadays there is an increasingtrend that people recognize the significance of protecting the environment, which will help the human being's survival in a long term. This growing sense of environmental sustainability from the public has pushed more and more companies to transform from the cost-oriented into the eco-friendly ones, making efforts to balance the profit and pollution.For example, the Microsoft company, as the leading software company around the world, recently launched a new program to develop new type of cleaning energy and also set the corresponding funding in the university of Cambridge mainly because Bill gates are aware of the shortage of fossil fuels will lead to the exhaustionin the future world. Besides, as for the public, the current education lay much stress on the eco-friendly consciousness. In the USA, most customers would like to prefer eco-certified products, even though these goods have higher prices than the normal one which do not acquire this label.


However, it does not necessarily mean that people living in the past did not hope to provide protection for environment. Apparently, the environment issue was never as severe as it is today since there was not population explosion nor the global warming problems. This may explain why it seems that people in the past lacks the sense or technology for environment protection.


In short, due to the rapid development of technology and the growing sense towards environment protection, nowadays the environment situation is under better protection than before. With this consciousness of ecosystem balance, joint effort around the world is being made for the sake of human development.














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