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  阅读: 一是用来闻味道的,二是用来增加体表面积,从而降低体温的,三是用来发声
  Do you agree or disagree that with the following statement? It’s more important for the government to spend money to build art museums and music performance centers than to build recreational facilities (such as swimming pool and playgrounds)。重复2009.9.19北美。
  Do you agree or disagree that with the following statement? It''s more important for the government to spend money to build art museums and music performance centers than to build recreational facilities (such as swimming pool and playgrounds)。
  Art museums, concert halls and recreational facilities are indispensable to any civilized society. When it comes to the issue of the arrangement of a government''s budget, some people suggest that the government should spend more of its funds on art museums and concert halls rather than on popular entertainment facilities such as swimming pools and playgrounds. Although investing in recreational facilities is a positive thing, I believe that art museums and concert halls carry more weight。
  Admittedly, recreational facilities do need money. It is because sports enthusiasts usually outnumber lovers of art and music. For example, there are more basketball fans than piano players and basketball courts are always extremely crowded. Moreover, sports facilities represent a great expenditure of money and land. Usually, a standard outdoor basketball ground may cost the government around 10,000 dollars. However, the expense of recreational facilities can mainly rely on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and famous athletes. For instance, Yao Ming, the best-known Chinese player in the NBA, could donate part of his annual income to set up a new basketball stadium, which helps cut down the governments'' budget on recreational facilities significantly. In this circumstance, the government should invest more in the establishment of arts and music halls。
  Appreciating arts and music can foster our children''s interest in them. For instance, in art museums, children can observe masterpieces in person. This kind of amazing experience can never be replaced by simply watching TV at home or browsing webpages. Similarly, visiting concert halls, children can learn the names of the various musical instruments and familiarize themselves with the sound that these instruments produce. Then, the desire to play them will be followed and the interest in music takes shape. My younger brother XQ serves as a good example. I still remember that in July 2004, our family went to the city concert hall and for the first time in his life, he saw a band of professional musicians playing. He was deeply moved by the beautiful sound and decided to learn the piano. Now, he is an outstanding student in a school affiliated with the Central Conservatory of Music。
  Appreciating arts and music is a way to release stress from work and school. After working hard all day, citizens should be all to ready to accept the refreshing experience that a famous painting or a fascinating concert brings. After polling thousands of Beijing citizens, the survey, conducted by China Daily, found that 55% of the respondents aged between fifteen and forty-five chose going to museums and concert as one of the best ways to relax. This result coincides with the fact that the number of visitors to museums and concerts increase significantly during the holidays and winter and summer vacations。
  To sum up, despite the fact that spending money on recreational facilities enjoys a lot of support, the government could collect the fund for them through NGOs or other channels. Whereas, due to the irreplaceable influence on education and citizen''s relaxation, art museums and concert halls deserve considerable investment. (503 words)
  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for the government to spend money on art museums and concert halls than on recreational facilities such as swimming pools and playgrounds。
  Sample answer:
  An appreciation of art is one of the things that make life worthwhile, as it reminds people of the beauty that is all around them. Therefore in many countries public art projects such as galleries, museums and concert halls are being actively funded by the government. Although such spending will indeed promote citizens’ cultural spirit as well as strengthen a country’s historic tradition, I do not think this should be the priority responsibility of a government. I would like to point out one particular area to which the government should be giving more financial support, and that is sports and recreational facilities。
  To begin with, compared with art facilities, recreational facilities such as swimming pools and playgrounds are much more essential to people’s daily life. Not everyone has a talent or interest in art. To most people, art is something lofty and even elusive, which takes a great amount of cultural knowledge and fine taste to truly understand and appreciate. But doing sports or exercises is much easier and therefore much more popular among the general public. Anyone can easily find a particular type of exercise that fits his/her physical condition and age。
  Secondly, art facilities are generally much more expensive to establish. A modern concert hall often requires elaborate decoration, comfortable seats, exquisite lighting and top-notch sound rendering system. With the same amount of investment, the government can perhaps build more than a dozen playgrounds with inexpensive but easy-to-use exercising equipment。
  Furthermore, once a museum or a concert hall is established, it usually charges a high admission fee in order to sustain its daily operation and to fund ambitious projects or performances. But in the meantime they are turning away many ordinary but genuine art lovers who may not be able to afford an expensive visit. By comparison, public recreational facilities run by the government are meant to be used by the general public at a low cost, and therefore much more accessible to people with limited financial means。
  Therefore, the government should try all means to make art available to all instead of being the possession of only the few. Before this can be ensured, I think the government should always place the funding and construction of recreational facilities before art facilities。
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